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Compassion for all animals for me started as a child, growing up sharing my childhood with our extensive furry family. Rex the dog, Snoopy the cat and Baby the galah who was always pretending he had a cold, coughing and sneezing, then telling me each morning before school to clean my shoes– "What are you doing?" Baby would ask, "I'm cleaning my shoes!"

I have so many cherished memories of those extraordinary individuals who we loved and lost over the years. The immense love and attachment I had for them left my life feeling empty when they passed. I felt I needed to tell all my friends how lucky I was to have shared my life with these precious ones.

Parrot & Dog

As an adult I supported several animal welfare groups but felt I needed to be doing more. After researching further I discovered the atrocities that were inflicted against animals to satisfy our everyday desires; for example, the horror within the meat industry, chicken farming, in circuses, zoos, animal testing in laboratories etc. My opinions evolved, I became a vegetarian, in the famous words of George Bernard Shaw, "Animals are my friends…..and I don't eat my friends." However being a vegetarian was not enough, how could I truly stand on my digs in a discussion if I continued to support the use of any animal products. That is when I made the decision to become vegan. Becoming vegan is not something a person does lightly, it is a serious commitment. By committing to the vegan belief you can make a change for those who cannot speak for themselves.

I believe every child at an early age should be exposed to our furry friends, taught the basic principles of "no harm" and given the exposure to a broad diet base. As Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA, states "Although many young children are often repulsed by meat, they are usually persuaded by adults that the portion of flesh and bone on their plates is somehow different from Libby the Lamb in their story book". With the vegan philosophy you take away the old fashion views that "you have to eat meat to have a healthy diet," and "I couldn't eat a meal without meat".

You often hear people say "it's easier to cook a meat meal than go vegan." However now days we are so blessed to have the luxury of numerous cruelty free choices when it comes to food and beauty products, it is becoming gradually easier to be vegan.

 My goal with the founding of Vegan Online is to make it just that little bit more accessible and effortless for people to shop cruelty free. Being vegan for some can at first feel daunting and isolating, coupled with the difficulty of whether truly knowing if a product is 'vegan' can be stressful. We take away all that stress by bringing all your favorite 100% vegan foods and beauty products to one place.

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