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  • Etiko Blue Lowcut Sneakers -Size 5 male or size 7 female

    Etiko Blue Lowcut Sneakers -Size 5 male or size 7 female

    $95.00 $95.00  AUD
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    Sorry, I'm out of stock (due back soon).

    -Size 5 male, or size 7 female

    The big brands might get all the attention from the average Joe but if Joe knew the story behind the farmers and workers who got paid crap wages to make them, maybe his shoes would start to not fit so well.

    Hard done by average Joe might say “walk a mile in my shoes” but we could easily tell him that his shoes came at the cost of poor eyesight, bad health, no education and incredibly poor working conditions. Instead we will let our range of footwear do the talking while Joe does the walking.

    They don’t look radically different but they are. This gang are fair trade, organic and vegan, which is more than we can say for some of the footwear they might look similar to.

    If you care about people  and the environment and don’t support exploitation then Etiko footwear is for you because- if the shoe fits, buy it and wear it with pride.
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