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  • Loving Earth Raw Organic Maca Powder

    Loving Earth Raw Organic Maca Powder

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    Raw Organic Maca Powder!

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    An energising and revitalising superfood of the Incas.  Jam packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all the essential amino acids.  Grown at 4,000m above sea level in the Andean district of Junin by the Pumpush people who have been cultivating and consuming maca as a staple food for thousands of years.  Contains unique alkaloids, which helps stimulate the master glands that in turn may help optimise and balance the entire endocrine system.

    Loving Earth Maca costs so much less because they buy 100% certified organic maca powder directly from the grower association in Junin, Peru. 

    As you can see Australia certified organic have audited the whole production and packaging process assuring you the consumer that Loving Earth Maca is 100% pure, organic and of the highest quality.


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