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Vegan Online Welcome Message

Freedom Hill Update

Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Addition to Freedom Hill Sanctuary


Holly is our most recent addition to Freedom Hill Sanctuary.  Holly is only a couple of months old and has settled into the leisurely life all pigs deserve.  Holly loves human company but also enjoys Champ the greyhounds wet soppy nose.
Holly will eventually join Pearl, Audrey and Willow in the big paddocks when she is a lot bigger, for the time being she has her own shed at night time and day times are spent at the front of the house in an enclosed grass area.

If you would like to watch Holly's growth and the antics of the other residents please follow us on Facebook or instagram.

Your continued support for Vegan Online is what helps us with our future rescues and ongoing work at Freedom Hill Sanctuary.
Thank you xxxxx

If you truly care about animals please Go Vegan, be the voice for the voiceless. xx

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