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  • Pure Bamboo Revitalising Swizzle Sticks

    Pure Bamboo Revitalising Swizzle Sticks

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    Sorry, I'm out of stock (due back soon).

    Pure Bamboo Revitalising Swizzle Sticks (set of 3) - Purifies your cocktails, water, tea, coffee and other water-based drinks. Absorbs harmful chemicals and revitalises your drinks with nutrients and trace minerals. 
    5 x 12g stirrers that last 1 month each.

    About Bamboo charcoal:
    Bamboo charcoal has billions of porous pockets and powerful ability to absorb odours, moisture and chemicals. 

    Instructions for use: 
    Wash your Revitalising Swizzle Stick in cold water with a brush or sponge (do not use any detergents). Place the stirrer into a saucepan of water an boil steadily for five minutes. The Swizzle Stick is now ready for use. Simply make your hot or cold drink as per usual and leave the stirrer in your drink while you enjoy it. The Swizzle Stick can be used repeatedly for approximately one month - then you can break it up and mix it into your garden soil to nurture your plants. 

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