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I've been practicing a vegan lifestyle for several years and founded this business to help like-minded people to buy cruelty free products. It’s not necessary that you should be an animal or environmental lover to use natural cosmetic products but the reasons are packed more complex than this. Through some researches, I observed that almost every cosmetic manufacturer use several chemicals in their products.

  • A regular cosmetic product contains at least 20 chemicals! Imagine all these chemicals being applied on your face. Most of these cosmetic products remain in the industry by taking advantage of our biggest weakness – our forgetfulness and fascination towards short term results. The extensive chemical presence in these cosmetic products can provide your skin a glow and you will blindly believe their advertisement campaigns. After a few years, the side effects will slowly show up but it’s too late for us to do anything about this.
  • Natural cosmetic products on the other hand are manufactured without using chemicals and they are never tested on animals. Most of these products are manufactured from the finest natural resources that are not harmful for our skin in any case.

Natural cosmetic products do take longer time to bring flawlessness to your skin because they're not creating a chemical reaction on your skin’s surface but they rather provide the necessary nutrients to your skin and change the skin tone. Being a natural process, organic cosmetic products do take some time to start producing results but right from the moment you switch from chemical filled cosmetics to the natural ones, you will feel much more relaxed.

I also noticed that natural cosmetic products are not as expensive as the cosmetic products from the mainstream manufacturers and this will help you to save some money too!


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