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Before talking about the natural organic skincare products, I would like to cover the ethical aspects of their manufacturing procedure and how they can make us feel some sense of achievements. In the first place, organic skin care products are not created by killing/torturing animals but most of their ingredients are taken from plants or other naturally available resources. As we all know, a good percentage of cosmetics that we apply on our skin will be absorbed by the skin tissues and if these cosmetics contain toxic substances, they will slowly but steadily accumulate under the skin.

I don’t believe that these excessive build up of toxic substances under our skin is going to be beneficial for us in anyway but they would rather pose serious threat to our skin cells. If you take aesthetics into consideration, you will notice that artificial substances included in most of the cosmetic products that we get in the market have very limited ability to provide long-term results. The glow of these artificial products will start fading within a few hours of their application, which force you to use them over and over to maintain the glow on a busy day.

The constant application of these products will slowly cost the freshness of your skin. Chemical based cosmetic products work very similar to preserved foods: we all prefer a fresh orange juice over a packaged one because of the excessive artificial flavors in it and most of us are aware that these flavors can seriously damage our health in the long run. This is the same with cosmetic products as well and for those who are not willing to take a chance with their skin, the best alternative is switching to natural organic skincare products.


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