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  • Lamyong Calamari - 600g

    Lamyong Calamari - 600g

    $15.20 $15.20  AUD
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    Great for stir fry!

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    Sorry, I'm out of stock (due back soon).

    Lamyong products are cholesterol free, contain no onion or garlic and delicious.

    Lamyong Calamari is great used in stir fries or own it's own with a little soy sauce and salad.  This 600g pack gives you more than enough to slices into little pieces and presents so guests could never tell the difference!

    Great recipe on the back of pack using calamari and soy nuggets in a stir fry.

    Lamyong products are frozen and may defrost in transit and must be consumed as soon as possible.  The used by dates are for frozen products only. 600g

    All refrigerated goods must travel in a 5kg foam box with a ice pack and does not fit in the 3kg Express Post Bag.


    Water, curdian, sugar, seasoning.

    Contains wheat, may contain traces of nuts, seeds and soybean.

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