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  • Lamyong Prawn

    Lamyong Prawn

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    Satisfy your craving without feeling guilty. Lamyong Vegetarian Prawn is an innovative creation made exclusively to cater for vegetarians and vegans seeking variety.  It takes the appearance of prawns and the texture of gnocchi.  Perfect for Thai dishes, stir fries or simply deep fry in batter. 275g.

    Lamyong products are frozen and may defrost in transit and must be consumed as soon as possible.  The used by dates are for frozen products only. 

    Refrigerated items are delivered to all capital cities next day delivery, outside of these next day delivery.

    If unsure of your delivery times please contact us.


    Starch (56%) (Curdian), water, sugar, salt, vegetarian seasoning, permitted colouring (E160c)

    Contains soybeans and gluten.  May contain traces of nuts and seeds.
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