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This is not a question and answer but something I am sure we have all heard

"All vegans I've ever seen are pale, thin, and sickly..."

To some people a 'vegan' means someone who is a weirdo, hippie or alien from another planet etc. These are just stereotypes given when people don't completely understand the vegan concept. However, a vegan can (and do) come in all shapes and sizes, short, tall, fat, thin or average, but not pale and sickly. Vegans like anyone else have views on all aspects of life but the compassion for animals is paramount.

You'll find the people who have these views will also go to great depths to inform you that they ate a huge steak last night and it taste delicious. I believe it is not the vegans with a problem; it is the people who cannot accept anything different.

If other animals kill for food, why shouldn't we?

Animals such as lions kill for food by instinct. Humans do not kill their own food as a lion does. Humans can make a choice and can choose to live without harming others if they desire to.

What is the difference between 'vegan' and 'vegetarian'?

A vegetarian person chooses not to eat food from dead animals, such as meat & gelatin. However, a vegan does not eat anything that comes from living animals, like milk & eggs. Vegans also avoid animal products such as leather, fur, and wool. Vegans seek to exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

Are soy cheeses vegan?

Some soy hard cheeses contain casein, which is a milk product. Just because something is 'lactose free' doesn't mean its 'dairy free'.

What about honey?

In some cases a beehive can be totally destroyed over winter if the farmer doesn't wish to protect them. Bees are merely a source of income for the farmer and have no intrinsic value of their own other than a profit.

What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is what is used to make Jellies and give structure to creamy desserts such as mousses, cheesecakes and commercial ice creams, cosmetics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and gummy lollies. Gelatin is a substance derived from the processing of animal collagen. This is most typically obtained from cattle hides and bones and pigskin. Some things that are vegan that are replacing gelatin are: Guar gum, agar and carrageenan.

Why is it wrong to eat meat?

It is not a question of whether it is right or wrong to eat meat. If one wants to help stop the cruel suffering of animals, stop supporting the practices by not eating animal products.

Where can a vegan get protein?

Good sources of protein can be obtain in nuts, seeds, nut butters, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, bulgur wheat, unrefined grains, potatoes, tofu. Food containing calcium is soymilk or orange juice that is fortified with calcium, tofu, kale, dried peas and beans.

What website would offer me a quick reference to the health benefits?

A lot of web sites offer a huge amount of information; gives you an insight into the nutrition.

What about Palm Oil?

Palm Oil is derived from the fruit of palm trees, which are grown in large plantations throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. Palm oil is one of the world’s largest oil crops and has in recent times become extensively used in food, cosmetics and household products.

Palm oil production has been acknowledged as a cause of considerable and permanent damage to the natural environment. Its impacts include: deforestation, habitat loss of critically endangered species such as the Orangutan and Sumatran Tiger and a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

Many products, including items we stock, contain palm oil. It is often very difficult to know whether palm oil is in a product as it is labeled under various names such vegetable oil, palm fruit oil, palm kernel etc. All of the product ingredients on our website are listed for easy reference. Whilst we do still stock items that contain palm oil we support companies that have sustainably sourced it and we are also working towards finding alternative vegan products that do not contain any palm oil.

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