We are thrilled to finally unveil the new Vegan Online website! Months of time and effort has gone into making your online shopping experience one that is easy, enjoyable, accessible and exciting! Behind the scenes we have been collaborating with professionals to upgrade the look and features of Vegan Online and we know you’re going love it! Let us take you through the new and improved qualities of the up to date website!

First off, we have recognised that in today’s fast pace world, online shopping on one’s mobile is often the most efficient option. Regretfully the previous website didn’t have the luxury of mobile compatibility so we’re pleased to announce that this one does!
Do you catch public transport? Do you have a busy schedule? Or simply prefer the convenience of using a compact device? Well, now all your favourite Vegan Online products will be in the power of your palms. 

Secondly, we have compacted the variants of all products that have multiple flavours, sizes and scents so they reside in the same page as opposed to having them in separate pages, so now you can spend less time looking for your favourite products and more time drooling and goggling over them!

We know how important the fine details of a product may be to you so we’ve worked on increasing the quality of our pictures and added a feature which allows you to zoom right in and get a closer look at your future purchases. Do you like knowing the size, texture or packaging of various products? Would you like to see if something is certified gluten-free, organic or Australian made? With this new feature, you can do exactly that!

We’re also very excited about the new overall look and ‘feng shui’ of the website which we have worked hard to improve. We’ve gone for a modern and minimalistic style with beautiful, high-quality pictures of the residents at Freedom Hill Sanctuary and some of our favourite products. We decided a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing layout would provide the best experience for you.

Lastly, we’re really keen to update you all on current products, vegan recipes and tips that make the ethical lifestyle an easy one, and keep you in the loop regarding news and events happening at Vegan Online, Everything Vegan, and Freedom Hill Sanctuary. We’ll be using this blog space as a vehicle to do that, so we recommend that you stay tuned because trust us, we’ve got exciting things happening! 

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and are very keen to hear your feedback, so if you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

With love, the Vegan Online team xx